The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks on Women | | AlterNet

As I read this article what I found was a deliberate and conscious effort of conservatives and radical conservatives to violate the concepts of the Constitution and the basic principles of liberty.  Who gives any one the right to determine the fate or rights of women in this country other then women. The last time I checked they are US citizens.

I am tired of hearing the sanctimonious right tell the American people they fight for the American people and the Constitution. The Republicans and the Democrats who support any laws that interfere with a woman’s health are in direct violation of the Constitution.

The wave of idiocy on abortion and health has gone so far that we as a nation will be looking at a regression of healthcare and basic liberties.   Do we really want to return to the days when abortion and family planning was not discussed,  when death was common, and women were considered incapable of making decisions for themselves.

The laws and proposed laws at all governmental levels are draconian and are the vision of a few individuals who will impose their will on the majority.  Could this issue be only one of many on the Radical Rights agenda?

The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks on Women | | AlterNet.


A Changing Society

First page of Constitution of the United States

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AMERICA are you changing before my eyes?

It seems that America has changed, but has it really.  Perhaps we are now coming to grips with who we are and what may or may not make us who we are.

We have the general public reacting to the spin, accusations, lies and fabrications of our leaders, media, religious leaders, and of course our own built-in biases.  The problem for America is that the society is not changing drastically, even though the we may feel it is, what is happening is that much of our attitudes, perceptions, and prejudices are just being on display in public more.

The things that are most significant or informative, on the American scene are not even being considered for “media watch”. The press which is the mainstream of communication is either extremely selective in its coverage of news and or is biased in its own way because of political correctness.  The American people depend on honest and forth coming news and commentary.  The corporate world has significantly influenced,  moderated, and controlled what and how information is disseminated. A classic example is the constant reference to the TEA Party by CNN and all other news organizations.  IT is not a Party it is a FACTION. A faction with in the GOP. It should be addressed as such. Also, the media has not addressed the Koch brothers and their role in the tea party, climate change, pollution and the influence they have in the Republican Party.

There is also major failing within the general public. A general comprehensive education.  At all levels of our communities education has inherently become secondary to the politics of the times. This in turn has dire consequences for both our political system and America. Our Changing Society is also a byproduct of poor education standards, too many local standards, the lack of emphasis on reading and writing. There is no doubt that that all the core subjects are important, but teaching opens ones eyes. We have far too many adults and youth who have never read, or have no desire to read.  They cannot write a basic essay.  I have been told charter schools are the way to go. I don’ think so, they can help improve our situation, but in America we need our public schools strong, vibrant, and relative to the future.

James Madison was always afraid of the factions within local communities and ultimately the biases and prejudices of the few may override the good of society in general.  His hope was that the Congress and the Federal Government could be a remedy or a correcting force on the states and their many biases no matter what faction was involved locally. Some states have a passed laws which they felt would protect their citizens, but were knee jerk reactions which could be based or interpreted as discriminatory.  South Carolina passed a law requiring state drivers licences for ID’s and Alabama passed a very strict law on illegal immigrants. The problem with both decisions is that,  it will probably hurt their economies, their perception of a good place to live, and of course a bad reputation in general.

All of the state laws on immigration are being passed due to the perception that immigrants both legal and illegal are bad. They take jobs away from Americans, the federal government is not handling immigration properly, or they have been preached or lectured to about the evils of illegals so much that the elected officials are reacting in of leading.  The federal government has not handled immigration because of the reelection process, its inconvience, or the fact it takes work and political leadership to deal with it.

Our society is being inundated with all forms of propaganda. This propaganda has spread into all walks of life, Creationism vs Evolution, Dominionism vs American Society, Religion in politics, Climate Change, Immigration and of course the candidates who are running for office. It is necessary to remember that propaganda can be positive or negative depending on the message or messenger.  Each and every item listed above is important to someone. The concern for all Americans has to be the screening out of non-essential and fabricated statistics and data.  Propaganda is here, we need to be aware of the paid media blitzes from sources who will discredit and disparage good research, and good people.

Our society has heard it all, We need to step up and stop the gamesmanship between the political parties, the fear mongering, the rancor, and the self-destructive rhetoric. America is capable of having a society that respects diversity, religious and scientific ideals and ideas, and is capable of screening the factions of discontent and fear.  The last important part of being an American is voting, voting requires common sense and a clear mind. If your Congressman or Senator does not represent the people then you need to do something.. Vote