When is Ideology Foolish?

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Ideological parties are archaic in today’s thinking. When a party basis’ its beliefs on set of principles than is it really relative to our historical situation of 2011.  The Republican Party is just one example of a party stuck in neutral. But so, is the Democratic party, for all their rhetoric they cannot see Progressive gains without tying them to the old liberal ideas of the past.

Ideology is foolish when it does not allow for change, compromise, social and economic advancement or for dynamic fluctuations in the psyche of the general public.  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a dynamic change in thinking, reacting, and in communicating ideas and beliefs.  The OWS movement was not anticipated, but it has galvanized a broad spectrum of Americans.  If the movement carries forward and continues to grow it could help shape a very unique and interesting election. The media cannot clearly define the Occupy Wall Street  movement because it does not lend itself well to soundbites.

The Tea Party faction has similar complaints that OWS has about politics.  The Conservatives of the Republican Right are not very keen on turning on big business, their political allies, or their interest groups which ply them with money.  It takes leadership, foresight, fortitude, and an understanding of being Progressive without destroying the country.  Currently, there is no one in the GOP capable of doing or acting in this manner.  Ideology and pledges can be damaging, and unforgiving if there is a time when the breaking of either is necessary, such as no taxes.

It remains to be seen if Ideology will carry the day for the Republicans.  If anything they had best move cautiously because the average American is slowly awakening.  Politics, banks, financial entities are in the crossfire, not because they are anti-American but truly exercising their right to free speech.

The Democrats who believe they are above the fray are foolish to think so. They are just as guilty, that guilt comes from arrogance.  The displacing of leadership, dereliction of duty, and the Liberal Ideology has become old.  The idea that government can do all things is no longer possible.  The Ideology of the Democrats must change from a Liberal to a Progressive perspective.  These two ideas are not the same.  Progressive is progress.  The current leaders of the Democratic Party are from a generation of liberal activity and belief that is no longer viable.

There are many problems that this nation must resolve and to solve them it will take courage, not ideology, cronyism, corruption, political favors, or money.   The ideology of yesterday must change. The new ideology must be one that addresses America’s strengths not weaknesses. It must break the “Financial-Political Complex.”.

When is ideology foolish? When the viability and the sustainability of it is not worth destroying a country over “principle”.

The new ideology must become a futuristic.  It must be multi-faceted, and it must be clearly a part of  who we are,  as a people through our Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution.