Progressives Must Lead

The Progressives spoken of in the 20th and early 21st Centuries must be a thing of the past.  The concept of Liberalism of the past 50 years is due an overhaul.  There are those who are members of the Democratic Party that are afraid of change, they are the Liberal faction unwilling to lead or to move decisively into the future.

The Progressives going into the future must be macro and micro economic intelligent to maintain the strength and vitality of the United States.  The Progressives must lead, communicate and articulate what their plans and goals are for the country. They cannot make the country’s wealth seem inexhaustible, for we have just gone through a political and economic crisis that literally was self-inflicted. The LIberals and the Conservatives were the blame. Their ideological and petty arguments politically motivated to get reelected.  Both parties today speak of constituents and angry voters, yet they pander to the Corporate and Industry leaders who lobby for what is good for them. The Laissez-Faire theory of Adam Smith is their guiding light. (let Alone)

The Progressives of tomorrow must be economically savvy, politically astute, willing to compromise, and put the country first above all else. They cannot be Liberal to a fault by instituting and maintaining social programs that are self-defeating for both the individual and the nation. They cannot be destroyers of the Constitution by allowing Industry and Business control of the political arena. The money of big business is part of the problem not the solution, to our problems today.

Progressives are also conservative in thinking, therefore the Conservative of today must move away from inconsistent and politically motivated ideology. If we are to maintain our place in history it will require compromise, strong leadership in all aspects of government. If Progressives and Conservatives are the future then and only then can the leaders of both political parties sit down and bring together those aspects and polices best for the nation.

National Defense, immigration, healthcare, foreign affairs, agencies, departments and all entities of the federal government must be seriously and consistently administered and evaluated. These actions must be done without regard to lobbyists or special interests.

We have the United States Constitution with many enumerated rights, duties and responsibilities. It is the “Supreme Law of the Land” and some states seem to forget that it is. The basic rights of Americans is paramount. That means the President, Congress, Supreme Court along with the states must adhere to the tenets of the Constitution. Some are powers  distinctly belonging to the states some belong to the people, and there are rights not enumerated in the Constitution.  In having said that three branches of government and the states  must adhere to the Constitution, We the People must be ever vigilant  to insure that we ourselves don’t become violators of our most important protection.

Progressives must move into the Future, take the Nation with it, and continue the Legacy of this great Nation.


The New Progressive

America was created not as a traditional nation, but as a nation of fundamental beliefs.  It was our belief in man’s natural rights, the equality of all persons, and a strong belief in republicanism. These core beliefs are what make America the country she is.  James Madison was concerned and rightly so about the structure of a republic so large and diverse as ours would be. No other nation in the 1700’s or in the past had attempted such a feat.

The creation of a federal government,with so much power, seemed to be a threat to some, and yet it was thought to be to some the solution to the passions, special interests, and unjust actions of the states.  This is what the Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates were about. The Federalist Papers clearly define for us the role of government. It should be understood that originally there was apprehension if not fear of “Democracy” by Madison and a number of founding fathers.

Over the past 200 years and counting, We as a country and a people have been changing and and redefining who we are within the scope of our beginnings and in the idea of Federalism.

It is now the 21st Century, and time and history is changing quickly.  It appears however, that as a country we still maintain that nation of fundamental beliefs, that they are in danger of  of being swept aside. If our beliefs and our republicanism is somehow changed then we may face a slow demise  that is similar to the republics of the past.  A change is needed in our political processes that returns us toward the ideals of our founding fathers.

The New Progressive is not liberal. It is a process by which the elements of the Constitution  are discussed and debated within the merits of a proposed bill. The proposed bills should be for the good of the nation. There will be on occasion proposals by state for specific assistance and those need to be treated in the same manner. Compromise is the name of the game; it is about addressing the needs of the country.

The idea that “Republicanism and Democracy”  are one in the same is indisputable. However, the “Republicanism” of Madison and the Federalists could return us to a more representative form  of government. The individual American in the era of “Democracy” may be getting lost in the political process of party mechanics and special interest.

This is a process where Americans can look at the political parties, Democratic Party  or Republican Party and determine the role of the party in question and if it is meeting the needs of the people.  The guise of big government is your enemy is not the problem, it is “special interests” and the political parties themselves.  The American Voter, is a fickle lot who does not trust politicians, but does not vote regularly.  It is essential that the citizens of America vote.

The idea of dismantling the federal government goes against the concepts and and ideas that make this nation. This notion that the states some can better manage many of the agencies or programs is beyond scope. It is also important to remember that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and our structure as a nation requires clearly defined roles spelled out for Republic to work. We are after all the United States of America.