Americans Elect wins third-party spot on California ballot –

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The article  from the LA Times is interesting in that it refers to Americans Elect as a third-party and that it is privately run.  Americans Elect is in fact a nominating process which received initial start-up funding from Peter Ackerman.  It should be noted that the initial money was a loan which is to be paid back and all other funding is in the form of contributions from individuals. Funds are not accepted from the candidates, special interests, lobbyists, corporations, PACs, or political parties.

Do some voters and commentators have concerns about Americans Elect?  In retrospect  I suppose they do. Let me try to put some light on who we are?

First of all, we are not a party, we are a nominating process that is nonpartisan using a secure online convention,we do not have an agenda, a candidate, nor do we advocate for a position. The process is tied to the voters directly, they put together the issues that the candidates submit their positions on the issues.

Second, the candidate(s) will go through a balloting process by the voters /delegates which will narrow down the potential candidates in April / May. The candidates must declare their intent to run and choose a running mate from another party.  There is no censor or board of censors who determines the worthiness of a candidate. The candidates however do have to file with the Federal Election Commission  and full disclosure laws and submit qualifications to a Certification Committee.

It is important to remember that as the election season moves forward there will be accusations, challenges, and questions from the media and public. Americans Elect is about the voter and the issues that concern him or her.  As the momentum grows and Americans Elect is added to the ballot lines across the country,( are currently on 12 states ballot lines) perhaps the political editors will address Americans Elect as a Nominating Process and not as a third-party.  The advisors to President Obama have acknowledged the influence of Americans Elect and have begun to try to discredit the efforts of Americans Elect. Both parties are concerned because the right candidate could syphon votes or damage the electability of their candidate.

AmericansElect.Org has the information the voter needs to know about the organization and how to participate.  I encourage both the concerned voter and the skeptic to really check it out.

Americans Elect wins third-party spot on California ballot –


Americans Elect the New Nominating Process

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Americans Elect the New Nominating Process; Not a New Party

Vincent P. Lacey, Delegate Americans Elect 2012

Americans Elect is a brand new process that allows all registered voters the opportunity to participate in the political process. It is a nominating process not a new party. It began  securing spots on the ballots of the 50 states in 2010.

Why now?  Every voter deserves an equal vote in the nominating process. Does your residence determine how much your primary vote counts? Do you or your state have a less than meaningful vote? Are an independent with no say in the primary system? Are you one of the millions who is angry, and disillusioned with the current two-party system? Then perhaps this is your opportunity to make sure that your voice counts.

Another significant element to this coming election is the use of technology. Americans Elect is going to have in place a cost effective process to reach out to millions of voters, a secure online convention, and the ability to verify every voter and accurately count every vote.

Americans Elect does not support or oppose any candidate or draft  movement,  it is simply providing the infrastructure for a better way of participation. It will be the first direct online nominating convention giving the voters the power to decide the issues, choose the candidates and nominate a third ticket.

The nominating process is unique in that it is open to all registered voters in America. The registered voters may sign up with Americans Elect and become voting delegates regardless of party affiliation. The intent of Americans Elect is to allow the American people a choice that goes beyond the two-party system.  The candidate running for president may formally file on the website. A question that is asked is “Could a candidate from a major party candidate also file to be included on the website?” Yes they could.  Another option open to the Delegates is the power to draft any constitutionally qualified person.

Another important part of the nominating process issues is the open forum.  At the open forum the delegates can discuss their issues and opinions with other delegates.  At this moment many topics are being entered and discussed by individual delegates for possible inclusion in the platform questions each candidate will answer. A Platform Committee will put together the Delegates inputs and compare them with the  American publics issues and their priorities before codifying the platform of questions.

Americans Elect is a Nominating Process for all of America. It allows for direct participation in all aspects of the election process from becoming a delegate, selecting topics for the Platform Committee and finally having a candidate that represents the American people.

The opportunity to learn about Americans Elect can be found at