Church and State

Church and State.


When is a Debate not a Debate?

When is a debate not a debate when American politicians get together to talk ideology and mythology. The New Hampshire Debate was one of those occasions in which the potential candidates attempted to spin their web of mis information and sleigh of hand.

The debaters were spinning information, which is a nice way of taking information out of context. To verify how accurate the debaters were you can go to and get the correct information for a sound judgement before voting.

Santorum said during the debate that a Medical advisory board created within the  new health care law will result in rationing health care for seniors. The law specifically says that the board shall not include any recommendation to ration health care.

It is also ironic that Mitt Romney who is against the federal health care bill signed into legislation for the state of Massachusetts similar penalties.  What is wrong with this scenario? Another example of twisting words out of context is Representative Michele Bachmann‘s claim about the Congressional Budget Office use of the number of jobs 800,000 would be equal to the amount of workers leaving the workforce by choice, retirement, or the health care law.  It should be noted that no one knows the number of jobs that will be created in the market place in health care.  Because the Republicans have been dead set against the federal government ensuring a level playing field, and for the current market forces, the insurance companies, they will not compromise.

The debating system is correctly defined as fact finding mission for the public.  Does the voting public really pay attention, no they are complacent and weak minded because of this overindulgence toward material things and the perception that Democracy is the panacea we search for. We have forgotten that we are a Republic first, who has representatives who represent US, the people. We call our system of government a Democratic Republic. We who are the citizens of this great Republic must vote and must demand our elected officials and those running for office to be responsive to the American people and spend less time on ideology and spin from a particular parties view. The New Hampshire Debate was not a Debate!!!