Why Americans Elect 2012?

Are you a member of the middle class, the working poor, a small businessman, or perhaps a wealthy individual, then perhaps this election could be different for you.  As a voter would you be interested in putting a candidate on the ballot by direct nomination.  The nominating process will be online and will consist of American voters across a wide spectrum.  The voters who register on Americans Elect website and sign up as delegates the voter to have a choice beyond the two-party system.

The delegates will have the opportunity to rank their issues according to their priorities and compare their opinions and priorities with other delegates. A platform of questions will be created by the Americans Elect Platform Committee and policy experts based upon the priorities and issues most important to the delegates by question and answer.  A comparison to the general public will be made on the issues.   The candidate (s) will be required to respond to the Platform of Questions.

Neither the voter nor the candidate has to give up his political party to participate in this first of its kind direct election on the web.

Americans Elect provides a lot of information on the goals and rules by which they will participate in the election of 2012.  If you are interested or just curious about  Americans Elect. org  it could change the way you look at politics and elections.