Believers Think We Need Religion to Behave Like Good, Moral People — Here’s Why They’re Wrong | Belief | AlterNet

Believers Think We Need Religion to Behave Like Good, Moral People — Here’s Why They’re Wrong | Belief | AlterNet.

I believe this article says it all.  Individual beliefs in God or the non acceptance of God is one’s choice. Individuals will make choices based upon the their convictions and values.  Morality is not Christian, Jewish, or any other faith.  It is generally accepted and believed that people of faith live a better life morally. I suggest we allow our fellow human beings make those type of decisions. There is good and bad in all of us. We can only try to do our best.

Their are Christians who are demanding prayer at or some reference to God for all burials for veterans in Texas, and in Arlington. They have overreached their duty and legitimate role by interfering in the privacy,wishes, and religious freedom of an American.  The referenced Web site below has a number of other cases dealing with evangelical or religious harassment.

There appears to be an effort by some in the Military Services who are using a Spiritual Fitness Test (odd name ) to evaluate soldiers with or susceptible to PTSD. The problem is the test is religiously oriented and is intimidating to soldiers of Atheist belief.

As I have said, let us leave our fellow man alone.


Conservative Right-Wing Adherents

The Right-Wing Conservatives would have you believe that the dismantling of the various social service safety nets will lead their states and nation to prosperity ,have a very narrow view of the world around them. They are trying to balance the budget by cutting the very things that prospective employers are looking for in a community. Good educational systems, good hospital and medical cost containment systems, and an employment base that can meet the needs of the 21st. Century. The states of Arizona and Texas have high low wage skill jobs. It was reported in the American Independent   by Patrick Brendel “Texas has by far the largest number of employees working at or below federal minimum wage” also reported was the increase in minimum wage workers rose 150 percent from 2007 to 2010. The source for the  Texas information was Texas is Shining Example of Right-Wing Governance in Action and that’s Why It’s a Complete Basket Case, by Joshua Holland  posted June 16 2011 in AlterNet.

In another prime example Arizona cut $187M dollars from higher education. The legislature did not approve an extension of unemployment benefits by July 10 so approximately 15,000 lost their benefits effective immediately. Arizona wants to cut people from the Arizona Cost Containment Health Care System believing that cutting some 200,000 off will save money. But, there is a catch if Arizona does this the costs will be absorbed by the medical community and the public.

I live in Yuma County, Arizona we have on average 27% unemployment and 29% lack a high school diploma or credential. The state has about 800. 000 needing diplomas. Arizona adults want their high school diploma, but at this posting we may not have Adult Education and that means lack of employable workers. For further information you can go to the Arizona Department of Education.

Another fallacy is the constant of tax breaks for business. If you restrict the amount income coming to tightly you cannot manage your bills. There are some obligations that must be met and the state legislators must review in real terms what is vital and must be trimmed to make the budget work. Assuming that business will do only good because if it doesn’t it go under is also a fallacy.

The fallacy of smaller government and allowing the market to control the displacement of wealth along with the functions of government means the end of our republic.  The Voting public must read, listen, and think about Right-Wing ideas before accepting them at face value.