The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks on Women | | AlterNet

As I read this article what I found was a deliberate and conscious effort of conservatives and radical conservatives to violate the concepts of the Constitution and the basic principles of liberty.  Who gives any one the right to determine the fate or rights of women in this country other then women. The last time I checked they are US citizens.

I am tired of hearing the sanctimonious right tell the American people they fight for the American people and the Constitution. The Republicans and the Democrats who support any laws that interfere with a woman’s health are in direct violation of the Constitution.

The wave of idiocy on abortion and health has gone so far that we as a nation will be looking at a regression of healthcare and basic liberties.   Do we really want to return to the days when abortion and family planning was not discussed,  when death was common, and women were considered incapable of making decisions for themselves.

The laws and proposed laws at all governmental levels are draconian and are the vision of a few individuals who will impose their will on the majority.  Could this issue be only one of many on the Radical Rights agenda?

The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks on Women | | AlterNet.