America! America! Where have You Gone?

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The American people no longer know the history of the creation of the United States of America.  The various purposes for creating the colonies ranged from religious to penal.  The citizens of the colonies were of different nationalities. However, England was the catalyst which created America by providing citizens, laws, security, and a wealth of knowledge from which our forefathers could draw.  It is this same mother country, who provided so much, that would eventually ignore its citizens rights under law and tradition that would force the Declaration of Independence.

Today, we don’t teach our students, children, adolescents, college or adult meaningful history because of  political correctness, multiculturalism, or it just is ‘t  convenient.  Since history and government  or civics go together we need to put much more emphasis on the value of being a  participating citizen.  Our youth know more about jail house lawyers and Miranda than what made us who we are.

The states today have tried to be all things to all people. That of course is what we the people wanted,  and we are now having to pay the bills.  Our national government is no better because it is reflective of we are.  Our politicians in our state capitols and in Washington are also representative our of history and government taught since World War 2. None of the current elected nor potential elected presidential candidates can be called statesmanlike. They have no sense of history.

The word Democracy is thrown around like some cape that will save the day.  It is a political process just like any other with its faults and imperfections. The people are its own worst enemy, but it could be its saviour. We have forgotten that we live in a Democratic Republic and ultimately our representatives should be held accountable, but are they NO!  Though our nation is too large for a pure Republic we need to review the roles and duties of what it means to live in a Republic to better deal with the cronyism, bias, and downright dishonesty of our elected officials  It was Madison’s hope and belief that the National Government would be able to manage the factions and limit the damage that could be caused by unrestrained Democracy. The Republic would be the instrument to control prejudice, religious fervor, and those elements parochial to a state. The idea of the states being foremost was disturbing to Hamilton. States-Rights was and is a non starter it should not be a subject of discussion.

During the past decade, Congress has repeatedly demonstrated a precedent of deceit and blatant dishonesty which should have alerted the American public. But, this is not the case, if anything they have fed into it with their petty name calling, ethnocentric fear, religious zealotry, and general lack of knowledge of what makes us great.  We have fought a war in two diverse  countries with equally diverse cultures who are predominantly Islamic in faith.  And yet we have politicians who really have no clue as to the ultimate cost to our own men and women and to the cultures we impacted. The men in uniform understand. The frenzy of war has added to the  fears, and politics of today. Because the people have forgotten that they are the sovereign party in this Republic they have shirked their reponsibility to hold their representatives and senators accountable.

Today, a scandal is potentially brewing because Justice Clarence Thomas has questionable ethics. Those ethical questions concern a Mr. Crow, the us of property, and the receipt of money by Mrs. Thomas.  A sitting justice should be beyond reproach.   Again how many Americans are aware of the problem or even care.  How many house members care let alone know the historical or Constitutional ramifications.

We have elected officials who believe they know better than the electorate, in some cases they probably are right. But, I have problem when that same politician is willing to allow corporate america to dictate the voting on key issues in Congress. Since when does a Congressman owe his soul to the corporate world?  Since the voter has abdicated his responsible stewardship of the country. Both political parties Democrat and Republican are part of a design to limit damage and allow for stability within the concepts of the national government envisioned by Madison, Jay, and Hamilton.  Corporate America has essentially become so powerful that the institutions of government are handicapped by the politicians who only have one master business.  Do the politicians play to the public and the voter ? of course they do. They appeal to the petty fears and scapegoating tactics that will divert the voters attention from the important issues of the day.

The Democrats have looked at social issues as something that only money can solve.  The Republicans on the other hand need a social conscious. I wish that both were honest, but they are not.  It is time to reflect on the debt of the Nation, be honest about medicare and Social Security, and stop telling the public the world is ending.  The Republicans need to compromise by looking at those of wealth in a realistic manner and not in a vacuum.  Hedge Fund billionaires and millionaires don’t provide jobs to average Americans. Why can’t they pay taxes?  What about a true evaluation of the entitlements and a tax increase on those who make income beyond that which put Americans to work. Corporations need to be studied and evaluated on their profit vs work return ratio.

The Tea Party is a Republican proxy. Though many members are of many views and opinions the Tea Party was c0-opted, just look how the GOP has usurped the party.

It is time for a  new Progressive one that can pull the parties, factions, and political elements together; to form a compromise, to control big business, and begin to slow return to the vital elements of what a Republic is and what Madison, Hamilton and Jay envisioned.

America where have gone? You are still there, our citizens are just not being taught. Your history is flawed, but our children need it to know it. We do not need to teach American history or literature politically correct. We do not have teach that we are nine nations according to geographical location or that we multicultural. Our cultures have always been diverse, and we have assimilated.  We will grow as a nation as we have in the past, but we must educate our young on our history, our government, and the role of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers.  Madison, Hamilton and  Jay gave us foundations to build our nation.

We must always remember, We do not have a distinct culture, We are the people of  the United States Constitution.


Conservative Right-Wing Adherents

The Right-Wing Conservatives would have you believe that the dismantling of the various social service safety nets will lead their states and nation to prosperity ,have a very narrow view of the world around them. They are trying to balance the budget by cutting the very things that prospective employers are looking for in a community. Good educational systems, good hospital and medical cost containment systems, and an employment base that can meet the needs of the 21st. Century. The states of Arizona and Texas have high low wage skill jobs. It was reported in the American Independent   by Patrick Brendel “Texas has by far the largest number of employees working at or below federal minimum wage” also reported was the increase in minimum wage workers rose 150 percent from 2007 to 2010. The source for the  Texas information was Texas is Shining Example of Right-Wing Governance in Action and that’s Why It’s a Complete Basket Case, by Joshua Holland  posted June 16 2011 in AlterNet.

In another prime example Arizona cut $187M dollars from higher education. The legislature did not approve an extension of unemployment benefits by July 10 so approximately 15,000 lost their benefits effective immediately. Arizona wants to cut people from the Arizona Cost Containment Health Care System believing that cutting some 200,000 off will save money. But, there is a catch if Arizona does this the costs will be absorbed by the medical community and the public.

I live in Yuma County, Arizona we have on average 27% unemployment and 29% lack a high school diploma or credential. The state has about 800. 000 needing diplomas. Arizona adults want their high school diploma, but at this posting we may not have Adult Education and that means lack of employable workers. For further information you can go to the Arizona Department of Education.

Another fallacy is the constant of tax breaks for business. If you restrict the amount income coming to tightly you cannot manage your bills. There are some obligations that must be met and the state legislators must review in real terms what is vital and must be trimmed to make the budget work. Assuming that business will do only good because if it doesn’t it go under is also a fallacy.

The fallacy of smaller government and allowing the market to control the displacement of wealth along with the functions of government means the end of our republic.  The Voting public must read, listen, and think about Right-Wing ideas before accepting them at face value.