Our mission is simple, try to be objective in reporting, writing, and sharing information on various subjects ranging from social to political and governmental issues.

Our goal is to provide information to the general public so they can make more and better informed choices about what is being discussed or published in the various media outlets.

This blog / site is being put up because of the constant barrage of misleading,and deceitful information being dumped on the public in the name of spin or an agenda that may or may not be in the publics interest.  The US is in very dire straights and in the name of  politics not much is being done. Realizing that we all have opinions and beliefs which guide us, we must see through the fog of Washington, Phoenix or any other capital in these United States.  There are just to many issues and and not enough solutions.

Perhaps we can make a difference by reporting, writing, and sharing information here, across the internet