America’s Forgotten Patriots

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Why has America Forgotten her Patriots?

Patriotism is defined as zealous love for one’s country.  Realizing that patriotism takes many shapes and designs I thought it would be interesting to put an old veteran’s perspective on what a Patriot is.

A Patriot is a person who reacts to a call to duty, gives his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness a new direction.  The patriot is not defined by ethnic background, religion, or even by life style.  The Patriot comes from all walks of life and joins the military for his own personal reasons.

The Veterans of WWII were to large degree draftees, but we must remember millions of Americans met the call and volunteered.  They received probably the greatest gift that could get them into civilian life the GI Bill. Millions took advantage of that gift and our country prospered. But, then there is the wounded and those who stayed for the promise of the benefits to come, especially those of head trauma, referred to as shell shock, combat fatigue, cracking up,  or whatever term so chosen. They are with us today, and forgotten. I know of veterans who felt they did not get the promised healthcare. Medicare which came out in the 60’s also had an impact on those promised medical benefits. My father who served for 26 years in both the Army and Air Force reminded me of the contract and commitment that was not honored.  He never understood nor accepted the idea of paying for his medications, however small.  These veterans were told at times they could not use the medical facilities because of medicare. How quickly they were forgotten,  and they were the Greatest Generation.

Korea, The Forgotten War, A Police Action, again when the fighting was done, the Forgotten Patriots seemed to be wished away, unseen, unheard, and left to their own devices.  Again, the medical was as good as expected, but you see thousands fell through the cracks of the military medical boards and the VA, especially those of head trauma, referred to as shell shock, combat fatigue, cracking up,  or whatever term so chosen.  The Korean veteran may be the only one who truly understands the cost and impact of a war without end.  For those of you who do not know, the war has never ended, we signed an armistice.  I cannot make light of this subject for my father was trapped in Pusan.  The Korean War veterans  are with us today, and generally forgotten, again they are America’s Forgotten Patriots.

Vietnam, the Ten Thousand Day War, the War against Communism, the Undeclared War, or better still the Vietnam Conflict.  Vietnam adds to the legacy of Forgotten Patriots.  The casualties were enormous, the price so steep we lost a generation. We lost a generation through political intrigue, congressional ineptitude, poor leadership, and a diminishing morale.  The financial rewards and the educational possibilities were in a small way a motivator for some. But you see, it wasn’t as simple and clean as politicians would like to make it.  The physical and mental stresses were not understood nor an acceptable failing, or crisis for a soldier, airman, marine, or sailor.  One just didn’t give in.  Maybe that is why we had a prison in Long Bien called LBJ, Long Bien Jail.  I cannot speak to the Veterans of WWII or Korea about harassment and or other indignities to fellow soldiers. But, I can from a Vietnam veterans position.  Amongst the blood, sweat, tears, and the enemy there was this insidious racial, ethnic, and sometimes religious harassment that was taking place.  There was a breakdown in discipline and order among the men as well as the civilians who sexually harassed .  The combat soldier is a rare breed and many suffered greatly and did not get the medical treatment necessary for the return to civilian life. Each and every service member from the era has his own thoughts, memories, dreams and nightmares.

When the veteran came home it was to a bitter and divided country, lacking in leadership, moral courage, and dignity. Our veterans did receive better healthcare than previously in history, but the casualties and the  pain and suffering  didn’t seem to abate.  The Forgotten Patriots were those in most cases suffering from the mental images that would not or will not go away. The destruction of such a large segment of the population is not a subject for dinner conversation. These veterans are on our streets, homeless, in prison, in hospitals and in some cases just lost. The American people, the military and the VA let too many of the Forgotten Patriots fall through the cracks.

In September  2001  an act of terrorism destroyed a fabric of this nation and millions of young men and women made the sacrifice. We are now involved in Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and other pursuits.  The casualties may be low compared to past wars, but the mentality is still with us, a soldier is not or should not show stress, or weakness. It appears that we have learned a lot about the human body and yet the mind alludes us. Post Traumatic Stress  Syndrome (PTSD) is another name for shell shock, battle fatigue, and is also called severe brain injury.  The amount of PTSD seems to me to be greater today than before and that is because of the media coverage.  I am aware that the military has acknowledge that there is a major problem and they have attempted to treat the soldier on the field or in-country hoping to salvage the soldier. Has it worked well? I cannot speak to that , more has to be done to help treat and medicate the soldiers suffering from such a terrible condition. When the Army has its highest amount of suicides in its history, when veterans commit crimes for no known reason, and families are torn asunder then maybe not enough is being done. The Military Medical Boards and the Veterans Administration must get the diagnosis right. With the resources available to this nation it appears that congress and the president have Forgotten our Patriots. To consider cutting, suspending or limiting access to any or all medical treatment is unpatriotic.

The Gulf War, the War in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan have been far more costly than most would know. Our volunteer force is limited in size, but large in scope.  The veterans of today’s military have carried their obligation, their service and their sacrifice with great courage and fidelity.  A sharing of the burden for this great nation is not too much to ask. I have always felt that all young men and women should serve our country in some form.  We the American people have an obligation to America’s Patriots, and a special commitment to those who are and can be called America’s Forgotten Patriots.

At the beginning the question was “Why has America Forgotten her Patriots” in short it is because we collectively have a short attention span . We don’t like to be reminded of the costs, sacrifices, and burden war brings us and time is both a healer and an eraser of memory.  Far too many of our citizens lack the knowledge of what it takes to understand and participate in civics and government, which makes it difficult for them grasp the importance of the military, its costs, and their obligations to America’s Patriots. Today, there is a new element it is the All Voluntary Military . An all volunteer military has desensitized far too many of our citizens to the burden of war. It eliminates the potential of broadening our ability  to educate the citizenry in all aspects of the American society from culture to business from economic class to economic class.  Our Patriots are America’s Patriots and they can and should come from all walks of life.

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Biblical Law and Justice Antonin Scalia

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Does Religion Motivate Justice Scalia? Or is it his view that Democracy is the Antithesis of Religious Law?

Justice Antonin Scalia has an extremely narrow and personal view of the US Constitution, he is misinterpreting his role as a Justice of the Supreme Court to presume that his moral judgements were and are in preference to the Law of the Land.  Perhaps in reading the Federalist Papers, the Papers of Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and those who supported the Constitution understood the value of separation of Church and State Justice Scalia may have had a preconceived idea that Democracy and the Constitution were invalid substitutes for religious law.

Justice Scalia is the person who could have the greatest impact in helping the Religious Right establish its sovereignty. President Bush has talked about Scalia as the justice he admires the most.Supreme Court J

In an article published in First Things, a journal of religion and public life, in May, 2002, Scalia quotes St. Paul:

“…Government…derives its moral authority from God. It is the minister of God with powers to “avenge” to “execute wrath” including even wrath by the sword (which is unmistakenly a reference to the death penalty).”

Scalia appears hostile to Democracy: The “consensus” [that government is the minister of God]

“has been upset, I think by the emergence of democracy…It is much more difficult to see the hand of God…behind the fools and rogues…we ourselves elect of our own free will.”

He sees democracy as obscuring the divine authority:

“the reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure divine authority…should [be] the resolution to combat it as effectively as possible.”

Scalia views the United States Constitution as “dead” rather than as a living document that evolves along with society.

“…the Constitution that I interpret is not living but dead…It means today not what current society (much less the Court) thinks it ought to mean, but what it meant when it was adopted.”

This view of the US Constitution as “dead” could become the basis of a strategy to dismantle the separation of church and state. In a speech on January 12, 2003, at a Religious Freedom Day event, Scalia said that the principle was not imbedded in the constitution and therefore should be added democratically, which means through a constitutional amendment. An amendment to the Constitution on church-state separation would be impossible to achieve in the current political climate, so the argument is disingenuous.

Scalia, speaking to a crowd of about 150 in Fredericksburg to mark a “Religious Freedom Day,” asserted that America’s Founding Fathers never meant to “exclude God from the public forums and from political life.”

“Scalia sounds like a TV preacher, not a Supreme Court justice,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “His job is to uphold the Constitution, not promote religiosity.”

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| Resource Directory for the New Apostolic Reformation

| Resource Directory for the New Apostolic Reformation.

This directory provides the linkages for those who are invaluable to the NAR.

I thank Talk 2 Action for the directory from Ms. Tabachnick.

Christian Right Fuses with Apostolic Dominionism « Discerning the World

Peter Wagner

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Christian Right Fuses with Apostolic Dominionism « Discerning the World.

The article is interesting in itself and addresses a few of the ideas of Apostolic Dominionism. There are a number of books websites posts that address the New Apostolic Reformation and the Dominion Mandate.

C. Peter Wagner is at the forefront of the NAR and the Dominion Mandate. He writes in his memoir ” Jesus then came to reverse the process, to begin to establish His kingdom and to send us out to preach the gospel of the kingdom. I now see our task is not only too save souls but also to retake the dominion over creation that Adam lost”.1  The Seven Mountains Template is part of a “battle plan” (my quotes) that  Wagner’s friend Lance Wallnau came up with the seven; Religion, Family, Education, Media, Government, Arts and Entertainment, and Business. These are to be the battlefields for taking dominion over society.2

The Big Picture as Wagner sees it is on page 261 of his memoir “Social Transformation which many are also calling “Reformation” is the Mandate of seeing the kingdom of God being manifested here on Earth as it is in heaven.3 ( I changed sentence structure, but i specifically left Mr. Wagner’s terms intact)

Bibliography Recommended Reading

Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians __Lessons from a Lifetime in the Church- Memoir C. Peter Wagner, Regal, 2010

1. pg 262

2 pgs 262-263

3 pg 261

Fact Check: Obama releases long-form birth certificate to try to satisfy critics | iWatch News

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Fact Check: Obama releases long-form birth certificate to try to satisfy critics | iWatch News.

I realize there are some real diehards who refuse to accept President Obama as an American.  I cannot understand their obvious concern.  It probably was Barack, or could it have been Hussein, in any case He is an American “Get Over IT”.

The motives for such contrived stupidity, began with someone with a bigotry that infected the population along with some political leaders, and I use the term “political leaders very loosely”.  It is time to move on to the one item that really matters;  AMERICA.