Why Doesn’t Government Work?

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It is because it reflects our society…..

A couple of favorite poems came to mind from when I was in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and I have adapted them here.  The originals go like this:

We the Unwilling

We, the unwilling,

led by the unknowing,

are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.


We have done so much,

for so long,

with so little,

we are now qualified to do anything

with nothing.


The newly adapted version which reflects our current times.

We the Uninformed

We, the uninformed,

led by the unscrupulous,

are doing the unreasonable

for the unforgivable.


The image is in keeping with the sacrifice of those who served. The poem is a reflection of the pain and anger.

Why doesn’t government work? Because she is reflecting who we are and not what she is.




2 comments on “Why Doesn’t Government Work?

  1. fvmoore says:

    Just read the following:

    How Boehner is Selling the Debt Deal

    House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) office has released the PowerPoint he is using to persuade House Republicans to vote in favor of the emerging debt deal.

    The only problem? Ezra Klein tweets that he doesn’t think the presentation is completely accurate: “Boehner’s powerpoint misstates the deal to his members. 1) The baseline is not specified in the bill, and does not prevent taxes. 2) Boehner suggests that deficit reduction or BBA has to pass for Prez to get second debt increase. Not so. McConnell mechanism.”

    SEE! They are so used to lying, they’re lying to themselves!!!

  2. fvmoore says:

    The Uninformed! Boy have you hit it on the head. Our political discourse is currently comprised mostly of sound bites, bumper sticker slogans, uniform “talking points”, and blatantly distorted (if not just outright lying) TV ads. Although I’m the Accomack County Dem Party Chair, I must admit that both parties are guilty of this. However the whopper distortions & lies by the GOP and their PACs is unbelievable — or at least they should be. But the uninformed gobble it up.

    While the internet has presumably “democratized” access to political thought, it seems to me that most folks only access sites whose commentary reinforces their already preconceived notions. As a consequence, they are primed to believe whatever crap they are being fed because that’s what they WANT to believe.

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