House GOP Ignores Thomas Ethics Scandal To Launch Frivolous Attack On Justice Kagan | ThinkProgress

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House GOP Ignores Thomas Ethics Scandal To Launch Frivolous Attack On Justice Kagan | ThinkProgress.

I was astounded by the ignorance of our laws and Justice Thomas’s complete disregard for the sanctity of the Constitution. His corruption is in the arena of bribery, especially the hearing of cases from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). I find it also a violation of trust and breakdown of the principles of our Constitution. There is no doubt in my mind that Chief Justice Marshall would have criticized, demeaned and criminalized Justice Thomas’s action.

There is a role and purpose of the Supreme Court ; it is to insure that the cases it hears receive a fair hearing in accordance with the Constitution, it has an equally important role and that is to interpret the laws in accordance with the Constitution, but also to perform a checks and balance on the legislature.  Both of these purposes are vital to the Republic in which we live.

Justice Clarence Thomas has violated his sacred trust.

What is equally disturbing is the callous disregard by the GOP of vacating its responsibility to investigate potential ethics scandal brewing. To attack another justice is low, it is political and it is crass. The GOP appears to be looking for anything that will discredit those they disagree with.  This political process is called Diversion it is a common theme in politics, it is meant to divert your attention away from the real issue at hand.

The House of Representatives needs to do its job and investigate Justice Thomas and remove him from the court.