A new kind of War

There are many terms used to justify war, even when the final decision is made “to declare war” is never used anymore.  We do not dare “declare war” for the consequences are momentous, self-destructive, and at best incompetent if utilized for the wrong political and economic reasons.  We have wars of liberation, combating terrorism, wars to protect our vital interests and many others.

Libya is essentially a civil war, a war in which the people are trying to oust a dictator, Muammar Qadhafi. It is interesting how the western nations, Europe and the U.S. decided to get involved. The U.S. encouraged the European nations to assist the rebels because we wanted a short presence in the conflict. The president has over the recent past been using unmanned weapon systems to aid the Europeans in the Libyan conflict, ultimately aiding the rebels in their overthrow of their government.  According to President Obama this not an armed conflict because of the use of  unmanned aircraft.

Any and all use of military force by any definition is armed conflict. But, remember we have always used selective terminology to define our conflicts so the American public is brought along for the ride.

Desert Storm was a justified short-term war to liberate Kuwait from Iraq. It was quick, decisive, and goal achieving.

In September 2001, America changed, we were deeply effected by the events that took place in NYC.  George Bush, President of the United States, and the American people wanted revenge. We were now going to fight a new war, a war of revenge.

Afghanistan would be the country requiring our immediate attention. We managed to remove a repressive theocracy type dictatorship and actually make a difference in dealing with Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization. This effectiveness only lasted until the president lost track of the stated goal and mission. It has been 10, almost fruitless, years in Afghanistan. At this time in history we are sorely behind schedule in accomplishing our mission in Afghanistan.  It will turn out to be a negotiated settlement because we put our resources in Iraq, the Karzai Government is weak and corrupt, and the significant failure of our diplomats to really understand the nuances of the culture and religious variables at play. We once again addressed a problem from our historical and moral perspective even though we initially began or involvement with revenge. There will be no winners. We can only attempt to participate in the development of a form of a republic. The emphasis must be on the development of a republic with clearly defined rights. The immense task of  aiding in creating a working government will require long,tedious and testy discussions. It is essential that we leave in a timely manner once a government is fashioned to the agreement of all parties.

Iraq was essentially George Bush’s war. The shift from Afghanistan allowed the strengthening of Al Quida in the area. It should also be noted that there is a significant value placed  on Iraq, oil. Iraq was considered vital to our national interests because of oil. Politically it may have been a way to remove Saddam Hussein under false pretenses. Of course we are still there with fewer troops, but the terrorism is still an everyday occurrence. The formation of a government is still not complete.

This era has changed us and because of terrorism, we are fighting a new type of war, revenge Let us not do it for revenge in the future it will destroy us. Let us do so because  of our need to preserve our way of life.

It has been a long 10 years costly to those who serve, but not shared across the country. If you are wondering about that last sentence, here’s what it means. Our troops and their family’s are brave, heroic, sometimes stoic. They are American Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Naval Personnel who gallantly serve. But, there is a segment of the population who does not serve and they should. All Americans have a duty to this country not just the select few who qualify. A draft should be in place for 2 years for high school graduates. All men and women should participate at least 2 years.

Many of the young I deal with really do not understand the sacrifice, responsibility, or the commitment it takes to protect and preserve a republic such as ours.



Conservative Right-Wing Adherents

The Right-Wing Conservatives would have you believe that the dismantling of the various social service safety nets will lead their states and nation to prosperity ,have a very narrow view of the world around them. They are trying to balance the budget by cutting the very things that prospective employers are looking for in a community. Good educational systems, good hospital and medical cost containment systems, and an employment base that can meet the needs of the 21st. Century. The states of Arizona and Texas have high low wage skill jobs. It was reported in the American Independent   by Patrick Brendel “Texas has by far the largest number of employees working at or below federal minimum wage” also reported was the increase in minimum wage workers rose 150 percent from 2007 to 2010. The source for the  Texas information was Texas is Shining Example of Right-Wing Governance in Action and that’s Why It’s a Complete Basket Case, by Joshua Holland  posted June 16 2011 in AlterNet.

In another prime example Arizona cut $187M dollars from higher education. The legislature did not approve an extension of unemployment benefits by July 10 so approximately 15,000 lost their benefits effective immediately. Arizona wants to cut people from the Arizona Cost Containment Health Care System believing that cutting some 200,000 off will save money. But, there is a catch if Arizona does this the costs will be absorbed by the medical community and the public.

I live in Yuma County, Arizona we have on average 27% unemployment and 29% lack a high school diploma or credential. The state has about 800. 000 needing diplomas. Arizona adults want their high school diploma, but at this posting we may not have Adult Education and that means lack of employable workers. For further information you can go to the Arizona Department of Education.

Another fallacy is the constant of tax breaks for business. If you restrict the amount income coming to tightly you cannot manage your bills. There are some obligations that must be met and the state legislators must review in real terms what is vital and must be trimmed to make the budget work. Assuming that business will do only good because if it doesn’t it go under is also a fallacy.

The fallacy of smaller government and allowing the market to control the displacement of wealth along with the functions of government means the end of our republic.  The Voting public must read, listen, and think about Right-Wing ideas before accepting them at face value.



When is a Debate not a Debate?

When is a debate not a debate when American politicians get together to talk ideology and mythology. The New Hampshire Debate was one of those occasions in which the potential candidates attempted to spin their web of mis information and sleigh of hand.

The debaters were spinning information, which is a nice way of taking information out of context. To verify how accurate the debaters were you can go to Factcheck.org and get the correct information for a sound judgement before voting.

Santorum said during the debate that a Medical advisory board created within the  new health care law will result in rationing health care for seniors. The law specifically says that the board shall not include any recommendation to ration health care.

It is also ironic that Mitt Romney who is against the federal health care bill signed into legislation for the state of Massachusetts similar penalties.  What is wrong with this scenario? Another example of twisting words out of context is Representative Michele Bachmann‘s claim about the Congressional Budget Office use of the number of jobs 800,000 would be equal to the amount of workers leaving the workforce by choice, retirement, or the health care law.  It should be noted that no one knows the number of jobs that will be created in the market place in health care.  Because the Republicans have been dead set against the federal government ensuring a level playing field, and for the current market forces, the insurance companies, they will not compromise.

The debating system is correctly defined as fact finding mission for the public.  Does the voting public really pay attention, no they are complacent and weak minded because of this overindulgence toward material things and the perception that Democracy is the panacea we search for. We have forgotten that we are a Republic first, who has representatives who represent US, the people. We call our system of government a Democratic Republic. We who are the citizens of this great Republic must vote and must demand our elected officials and those running for office to be responsive to the American people and spend less time on ideology and spin from a particular parties view. The New Hampshire Debate was not a Debate!!!

The New Progressive

America was created not as a traditional nation, but as a nation of fundamental beliefs.  It was our belief in man’s natural rights, the equality of all persons, and a strong belief in republicanism. These core beliefs are what make America the country she is.  James Madison was concerned and rightly so about the structure of a republic so large and diverse as ours would be. No other nation in the 1700’s or in the past had attempted such a feat.

The creation of a federal government,with so much power, seemed to be a threat to some, and yet it was thought to be to some the solution to the passions, special interests, and unjust actions of the states.  This is what the Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates were about. The Federalist Papers clearly define for us the role of government. It should be understood that originally there was apprehension if not fear of “Democracy” by Madison and a number of founding fathers.

Over the past 200 years and counting, We as a country and a people have been changing and and redefining who we are within the scope of our beginnings and in the idea of Federalism.

It is now the 21st Century, and time and history is changing quickly.  It appears however, that as a country we still maintain that nation of fundamental beliefs, that they are in danger of  of being swept aside. If our beliefs and our republicanism is somehow changed then we may face a slow demise  that is similar to the republics of the past.  A change is needed in our political processes that returns us toward the ideals of our founding fathers.

The New Progressive is not liberal. It is a process by which the elements of the Constitution  are discussed and debated within the merits of a proposed bill. The proposed bills should be for the good of the nation. There will be on occasion proposals by state for specific assistance and those need to be treated in the same manner. Compromise is the name of the game; it is about addressing the needs of the country.

The idea that “Republicanism and Democracy”  are one in the same is indisputable. However, the “Republicanism” of Madison and the Federalists could return us to a more representative form  of government. The individual American in the era of “Democracy” may be getting lost in the political process of party mechanics and special interest.

This is a process where Americans can look at the political parties, Democratic Party  or Republican Party and determine the role of the party in question and if it is meeting the needs of the people.  The guise of big government is your enemy is not the problem, it is “special interests” and the political parties themselves.  The American Voter, is a fickle lot who does not trust politicians, but does not vote regularly.  It is essential that the citizens of America vote.

The idea of dismantling the federal government goes against the concepts and and ideas that make this nation. This notion that the states some can better manage many of the agencies or programs is beyond scope. It is also important to remember that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and our structure as a nation requires clearly defined roles spelled out for Republic to work. We are after all the United States of America.